Crumbleys may be setting themselves up for appeal

Fatima Fokina

The prosecution has warned the court that James and Jennifer Crumbley may be using the same law firm to set themselves up for an appeal should they get convicted for their alleged roles in the Oxford High School shooting case.

For the first time since the parents were charged in the case, the prosecution has publicly expressed concern about the Crumbleys using the same law firm to represent them. 

Jennifer Crumbley has her own lawyer, Shannon Smith. So does James Crumbley, who is being represented by Mariell Lehman. But Smith and Lehman work for the same law firm, which raises issues for the prosecution about how the attorneys will defend their clients at trial as each parent will face different accusations.

The Crumbleys are not being charged as a couple, but as two different individuals whose actions may be used against the other. Should they be convicted, the prosecution argues, one may argue that they deserve an appeal because they didn’t have an impartial lawyer — or there was a conflict of interest.

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