HGTV’s Ursula Carmona has Greensboro home for rent on Airbnb

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Ursula Carmona, host of the show “Table Wars: The Look for Less”, has decorated her Greensboro guest house to list on AirBnB.

Ursula Carmona, host of the show “Table Wars: The Look for Less”, has decorated her Greensboro guest house to list on AirBnB.

Ready to get out of Charlotte for some summer travel, but mindful of the area’s ever-increasing gas prices?

For about $18 (one way), you can skip the gas money all together and hop an Amtrak from Charlotte to Greensboro for the weekend, where you will soon be able to book an AirBnb owned by an HGTV host.

Ursula Carmona, host of the show “Table Wars: The Look for Less” and HomeGoods Style Expert, has listed her 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom guest house on AirBnB. The garden-side cottage will feature tones of pink, blue and gold to add to a fab and cozy atmosphere. The revamped rental home is perfect for a girls trip with a home-away-from-home vibe. While you’re there, you can soak up the designer decor and maybe even bring some interior design ideas home with you.

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Take a look around the home:

More about the rich glam style space

  • LIVING ROOM: Carmona added a rich glam vibe to the small living room area. “You can really add that real standout moment with these kinds of pieces with beautiful pieces of furniture that are well positioned,” she told CharlotteFive earlier this week. She added throw pillows and a bookcase to create a well-layered space. The royal blue seats in the living room add a nice pop of color and are perfectly placed near the bookcase to allow for a comfy spot to open a book.
  • PATIO: When designing the patio, Carmona wanted to make the space feel like a living area. “People don’t always think about taking the outdoors and making an extension of the indoors,” she said. The yellow accents on the patio add to the beautiful landscape outside the guest house. The patio is the perfect atmosphere to relax in nature or talk with your gal pals.
  • BEDROOM: The pink pillows on the bed give a great contrast to the blue and gold tones of the room. The room is the perfect spot to relax and turn in for the night.

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About Ursula Carmona

Carmona has lived in the Greensboro area for six years. She says designing comes naturally to her and is a passion of hers. “It can be dynamic, it can be personable, it can be fun, you know,” she said.

“I think there’s a little extra joy when you’re able to take the time to create a space and make it really warm and inviting for others to come in and enjoy it,” she said. “I think that using all these beautiful products from HomeGoods really brought it to life and showed people that a small space can have a huge impact.” She partnered with the retailer to design the space.

“I think people shouldn’t be afraid to go out there and look for those unique finds that are going to really bring the space to life,” Carmona said. She hopes that people see her designs and take some of the ideas into their own home design.

This story was originally published June 10, 2022 6:00 AM.

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