Jennifer Connelly’s Early Red Carpet Featured Hated Fashion Trend

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Jennifer Connelly has had some ups and downs over the years on the red carpet when it comes to her fashion. Some of Connelly’s looks are the absolute highlight of the red carpet event, while others fall flat. We’ve compiled a few of Connelly’s best looks and some of her worst, as well as an early one that has us torn about which side it belongs on. 

Not every red carpet look is a winner but when Jennifer Connelly is on her A game, she’s absolutely one of the highlights of the night. There are times when the Labyrinth star’s fashions don’t exactly land quite as well as one might expect. We’ll look through Connelly’s less than stellar fashions first before we dive into her best looks. At the end is a semi-controversial fashion that we just can’t make up our minds about.

Jennifer Connelly Ready For Homecoming

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There’s a lot about this look from Connelly that we just can’t get behind. First of all, this dress feels more appropriate for an “under the sea” themed high school dance than a red carpet event, and that’s including the shoes. We love how there’s a bit of tulle sticking out from beneath the hem of the dress, but the fabric of the gown itself looks like it belongs on a sofa, with some curtains to match.

Ill Fitting And Unimpressive

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Connelly looks gorgeous in blue, which is why it’s so surprising that this look was such a flop. Connelly was walking the red carpet for the premiere of her her then newlywed-husband Paul Bettany’s rom com Wimbledon. We wonder if she didn’t want to take attention away from her new husband or his co-stars while on the red carpet. If that’s the case, she picked the perfect dress for it. It fits her oddly around the waist and seemingly provides zero support. We hope this looks stays at the back of Connelly’s closet.

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It’s hard to say for sure what’s going on with this dress, which seems to be two gowns in one. The bottom half is actually pretty cute, and we like the edgy details of the black, leather-like bands that nip in her waist and draw the eye downward, but we can’t look past the top half, which seems to have been added on at random.

Those were some fashion risks that we don’t believe paid off, but that doesn’t mean every red carpet walk of Jennifer Connelly’s has bee a fashion disaster. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Connelly’s style is generally so grand and outside-of-the-box, it could belong in a museum dedicated to high fashion.

Connelly’s Best Red Carpet Looks


Beautiful geometric patterns, mixed fabrics that add dimension, and no accessories except for her simple black clutch, do you see why we’re so in love with this ensemble? When you wear a dress as gorgeous as this, and you’re also in possession of a face like Connelly’s, who needs several pounds of jewelry? Simple is almost always best, especially when you’re wearing a dress that has a lot going on like this one.

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Connelly apparently couldn’t get enough geometric patterns, but we can’t blame her since she makes them look so good. Our favorite part of this gown are the sleeves. It’s not often you spot long sleeves on the red carpet and these ones in particular were accentuated perfectly with the Juliette sleeves. Once again, Connelly went light on the accessories because she honestly didn’t need them. That restraint is why she’s so often our red carpet idol.

Connelly’s Strongest Red Carpet Look


This is our favorite look from Jennifer Connelly so far. The dramatic feathery skirt of this Alexander McQueen dress makes Connelly’s legs look about a mile long. The sleeveless top half of the designer gown also helps elongate her limbs, leaving her arms looking graceful and long. It’s hard to imagine anyone else making an entrance quite like that.

That brings us to our final look, which we just can’t make up our minds about. This red carpet moment took place fairly early in Connelly’s career, several years before she married Bettany. She attended the premiere of her then-latest film The Street and, well, we’ll let you take a look at the outfit she wore before we get into our problem with it.

The Dreaded Split Hem Pants

Jennifer Connelly at the world Premiere of ‘The Street’ held in New York City on Oct. 19, 2000. (Photo: Nick Elgar / ImageDirect)

This outfit looks completely innocuous, especially considering the fact that it was worn in the ’00s – an era known for its questionable fashion choices – but look closer at Connelly’s feet. These pants are what are known as split hem pants, and we can’t say we’re a fan of them. What do you think? Are split hem pants due for a comeback?

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