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Are you ready for summer? With summertime just around the corner, you’ll want to look wonderful dressed in less. And that usually involves taking off some extra pounds, which we all fear. Nevertheless, if you can make it simple, getting in shape is something you can enjoy and feel great about!

Are you looking for some tips that might help drop those extra pounds? What about using a pedometer or using other activities at night instead of consuming empty calories? You will love how those summertime shorts and sundresses are looking and feeling. Being toned and feeling good about who you are doesn’t mean you have to starve or get involved in long hours of exercise. The key to getting where you want to be when summer comes is “consistency.” Creating a plan and sticking to the plan will give you the results you will love!

Using a pedometer is a great way to strip the fat and go about your business throughout the day. The right pedometer will simply calculate your steps during the course of the day, to help you make your normal routine an even more proactive one. The goal would be to reach 10,000 steps every single day of the week. In the event you don’t achieve this level quickly, you will understand why you may be gaining weight. This is actually the simplest way to shed excess weight while not dieting. Simply walk across the office during the day, use the stairs, park farther away, or play with the kids outside the house after work. If the weather isn’t cooperating, turn on some music and dance the night away. Before long, you’ll be shedding pounds and toning up the simple way.

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Finding activities — besides snacking — in the evening is a smart thing to do. If you love high-sodium snacks when you are watching TV at night or you think you need a little bit of ice cream several hours after supper, then you are setting yourself up for putting on extra pounds. These goodies will move right to the hips. When you have a hard time dealing with those evening cravings, munch on some gum or even ice cubes. Dehydration can fool you into thinking you are hungry. Be sure to drink half of your body weight in ounces each day to prevent dehydration. Work your way up to this number of ounces. This may help control the desire to have something inside your mouth. Moving and losing will also really help to overpower those urges.

By following these common weight loss tips you will have confidence for the summer months ahead. You will notice that being in shape and toned does not really have to become a byproduct of fad diet plans along with hours of physical exercise. Just move more, and give up a little, to realize a much healthier and firmer physique.

Happy Healthy Summer to you!

Rhonda Hubbard is a trainer at a locally-owned fitness center and has spent more than 30 years in the healthy-lifestyle industry. She is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine.


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