Nephila Web Technology achieves Premium Partnership for the Philippines eLearning sector

Fatima Fokina

Nephila Web Technology (Nephila Web) provides IT solutions, e-learning services and learning management systems to schools, universities and organisations. Established in 2011 and a Moodle Certified Service Provider since 2016, Nephila Web partners with some of the biggest education providers in the Philippines.

We are pleased to announce that Nephila Web Technology has become a Moodle Premium Certified Service Provider in the Moodle Partner network.

“Becoming the first Premium Moodle Partner from Southeast Asia speaks of our pioneering efforts to make Moodle part of the conversation about innovation in education in the region,” says Sheryl Villaroman, Chief Executive Officer of Nephila Web.

A committed advocate of open source technology, Nephila Web has strong credentials in the education sector. It provides a full suite of Moodle-based services, including hosting, training, support, consulting, customisation, integration and content development.  

“Becoming a Premium Partner adds to our integrity and credibility as a Moodle Services Provider. We believe we will be able to gain more trust from our clients and leads of higher value, which we now feel more confident to pursue,” says Villaroman.

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Supporting business process outsourcing services for international companies

Due to the strong links between the Philippines and the global economy, particularly with the U.S., the country is a top provider of “back office” or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for international companies. Employees of all levels must stay current on various topics related to the global business environment, regulation, and compliance, among others. Across industries, the need for effective corporate training is well established.

Furthermore, local expertise in developing e-learning solutions is well regarded, and there are many examples of local branch implementations scaled to international offices. This regional success has fostered a culture of innovation and a nascent ecosystem involving corporate sectors, academia, and government.

“Becoming a Premium Partner opens new doors for us. Now, we will be able to cater to clients from the corporate sector whose needs can be uniquely met by Moodle Workplace. We will offer flexible service inclusions and pricing to suit a range of budgets,” explains Villaroman.

An increasingly dynamic Philippines education sector

The Philippines is a dynamic digital economy, with some of the highest rates of connectivity, mobile, and social media penetration globally, regardless of economic development status. The population’s widespread English skills also mean they are aware of new trends and technologies happening in parts of the world like the U.S., the UK, and Australia, making them relatively early adopters of technology.

A similar pattern holds in education, especially in Higher Education. The country’s top universities often have close relationships with the international academic and multilateral community through cooperation agreements and networks. Many of them work together to address common concerns, including inclusive education, low-cost technologies, from devices to connectivity and infrastructure, and approaches that help teachers scale to do more with less and ensure universal access to education.

Nephila Web has completed a range of innovative projects in the education sector across the region. It offers the NeXSIS School Information System to automate administrative processes for schools in the Philippines.

A track record of success

One of Nephila Web’s most prominent clients is the Philippines’ Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).  With 2,125,471 users, Nephila maintains TESDA’s cloud hosting, administers a complex load-balancing architecture, and provides security measures on the site. Nephila delivers training, support, reports and analytics, consultancy, and the mobile learning set-up to ensure the implementation’s success.

The Philippine Science Highschool (PSHS) consists of 17 campuses all over the Philippines with 12,240 users. Nephila Web provides hosting, training, consultancy, support, and mobile learning setup with bespoke Moodle LMS installations for each school. 

Other customers include the University of the Philippines (UP) Law Complex, three (3) LMS sites, UP – Baguio, The Medical City and the World Trade Center.

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Nephila Web Technology achieves Premium Partnership for the Philippines eLearning sector

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