Trying To Justify Your Procrastination As Studying? Feel Free To Get A Little Spooky

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Freak accidents have a special place in the history of American law. You’ve got your Palsgrafs, some train spark catches a bale of hay aflame, a whole slew of slip and falls a la employment law, etc. Good and all, but has anyone actually run the numbers on how often these freak accidents happen outside of textbooks? Surprisingly, yes.

Downtown LA Law is a personal injury firm that was clever enough to turn a series of Netflix binges into a neat and informative primer on how often the  injuries from the Final Destination franchise become a fatal reality.

Are you a Final Destination fan These are the injuries most likely to happen in real life personal injury lawyer attorney

In the hope that this infographic inspires more than a new fear of being scalded by oil in a bunch of soon-to-be lawyers, I suggest that it broadens your horizons a little bit. Part of thinking like a lawyer is the realization that the world is rich with things of legal import — there are more ways to halve study on your time off than watching Law and Order for Crim enrichment. For those of us who took mediation classes, how might Walter White have resolved conflict other than by selling top-tier meth? If Dexter asks DeeDee to help him in his lab and she falls trying to move a widget, is she an employee? How, if at all, is Dexter’s age relevant to the ensuing litigation? Hell, extend your scenic route studying to other art forms too. Is agency theory relevant in determining who is responsible for letting the dogs out? How much time would Freddy Krueger play out under common law vs. MPC guidelines and, if there is a discrepancy, is it an important one?

Folks are quick to harp on the importance of finding a study group or supplementing your already gargantuan reading load with hornbooks. But please, and I mean this, find a way to make what you study entertaining. You’ll retain a lot more (and likely drink a lot less) that way.

Are You A Final Destination Fan? These Are The Injuries Most Likely To Happen In Real Life [DowntownLALaw]

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